'Ready-to-use' Snorkel

The aim of every metallurgist is to maximize the unit's availability. In the vacuum process this means continually increasing the lifetime of the heavily used snorkel.

In this context, the use of preassembled snorkels is the decisive factor for success.

WEERULIN produces completely lined and dry vacuum snorkels.

Steel construction, argon pipe system and magnesite-chrome bricks for the permanent lining are already integrated. With over 2,000 RH-snorkels produced WEERULIN is a market leader in Europe.

With our specialized knowledge in assembly snorkels, WEERULIN could be the key to REDUCING wear IN your vacuum plant.

SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
RHsnorkelSnorkel 'ready-to-use'immediately operational, fully assembled, argon piping, steel construction
degasser Inlets / OutletsMagCh bricks, outside concrete, dry, with or without flange
castableFOR RKS / RBS / SPMthixothropic or selfflowing castables based on corundum, bauxite or magnesite