Development and Service


The process of steel production is continually changing. Responsible engineers always aim to produce higher grade steel, while reducing production costs – this is why the quality of the refractory concepts is so important: First, as refractory products are in permanent contact with the liquid steel, there is the risk of infiltration; second, as refractory products are subject to continuous wear, it can increase the permanent costs of the steel production process. Research and development accounts for one fifth of its operational expenses at WEERULIN.

Our laboratory team comprises renowned refractory development engineers, experienced mineralogists and metallur- gists. Of the 100 new developments in our labs each year, more than a third will be put into testing by our customers. WEERULIN products are truly innovative.


The steel industry needs competent and reliable service. As production processes become more and more efficient, tighter and tighter, suppliers must be ready to provide a flexile high quality service. WEERULIN understands what it means to be a complete service provider. The size of our company allows us to react promptly and nimbly. This applies to development, production and, of course, to our technical service.

WEERULIN offers the full range of service from technical consulting up to taking over the entire refractory department for the plant with our ‘full-line service’:

  • Customer service
  • Machinery
  • Full-line service
  • Engineering