Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

Of all materials, steel has the highest recycling rate with over 80% recycled worldwide. This is largely due to electric steel plants and their leading EAF melting technology. Refractory products in this environment must be able to withstand the severe conditions of scrap impacts, high temperature peaks from the arc, slag control and temperature changes between the circles. WEERULIN offers extremely specialized products for the different maintenance concepts, ranging from gunning mixes through spun masses to dry pouring mixes. Raw materials are selected to suit the conditions they must withstand when put to use by the customer.

Some areas in the furnace are predestined for the application of monolithic assembly parts. WEERULIN produces the cover core as a fully assembled part ready for installation.

WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the EAF cover:

  • Gunning mixes
  • Fettling mixes
  • Hearth lining mixes
  • EBT filling sand
  • Castables
  • Preshapes