Quality and Environment


High grade steel requires highest quality refractory materials. This is why at WEERULIN, quality is the key to the success of our business. WEERULIN pursues a modern quality assurance accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and was successfully recertified by Lloyds Registered Quality Assurance. In our opinion, quality starts with the procurement of the best raw materials. This guarantees the consistently high level of product quality our loyal customers have come to expect.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate

WEERULIN uses high quality virgin raw materials. We ensure that raw materials meet the high demands of our quality management system. Computer- aided process control ensures our refractory products all comply with our quality standards. Continuous full documentation guarantees the traceability of any lot produced. We have a dual quality policy: Not only do we meet the general quality standards of DIN ISO 9001, but we also meet the quality of service agreements tailored to individual customers.


All raw materials used by WEERULIN are either native minerals or minerals that have been dead burnt in the country of origin. They are then milled in German mill works especially for our production. We do not use any materials that might be dangerous to the environment in terms of the Regulations on Hazardous Goods. Independent worker’s safety experts permanently supervise the adherence to all regulations. Our products are environmentally sound, even after their operational application: This allows them to be reused as recycled raw materials. When deposited, our products will not affect the soil or the ground water.