Outside Maintenance

WEERULIN offers premium quality repair gunning mixes for hot maintenance of vacuum snorkels. Mixes can be based on magnesite, andalusite or bauxite - to suit the customer.

Special raw materials like forsterite or high alumina-containing corundum complete our product recipes. Complex bonding systems, be they organic or chemical, are the secret to long-lasting wear resistance.

Our philosophy is to produce repair mixes precisely tuned for the vacuum plant and the individual processing schemes of the customer.

The advantages of an outside maintenance

  • Longer lifetime of snorkels
  • Increased availability of RH Degasser
  • Lower refractory costs / ton of steel processed



SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
RH-snorkelgunning mixFOR MAK RE 1hot repair gunning mix, magnesite-based
gunning mixFOR MAK R 6hot repair gunning mix, forsterite-based
gunning mixFOR 18 Chot repair gunning mix, corundum-based, build-up of castable