Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum treatment of the steel is the most important secondary metallurgical process. The number of RH/DH- and VOD-plants is steadily increasing.

The widespread use of the RH-degasser makes extraordinary demands on the refractory material. Today there are more than 250 units of this type in operation worldwide, of which 40 are in Europe.

WEERULIN offers all refractory solutions around the vacuum plant (RH/DH): from the fully lined 'ready-to-use' snorkel or gunning mixes up to full-line service. With the full-line service, WEERULIN takes control of the entire refractory lining of vacuum degasser, this is charged per ton of processed steel.

WEERULIN has longstanding project experience as full-service contractor.

Weerulin Products for the Vacuum Degasser:

  • Gunning maintenance outside /inside
  • Snorkels 'ready-to-use'
  • Dry backfill Mixes
  • castables
  • INGUN® robot