dry-vibratable Mixes

Refractory dry-vibratable mixes today are dry, resin-bound filling mixes which can be used as wear lining in metallurgical aggregates - especially in the steel tundish. These lining mixes are poured between the permanent lining and a metal template.

The template is heated up, thus causing a reaction in the binder composition. The composition creates a three-dimensional net structure with the raw material - which may be magnesite, dolomite, olivine or bauxite - and forms a highly refractory, jointless monolith. After a short curing phase at approximately 200°C the template can be taken away: the pour-lined steel tundish is now immediately ('cold') ready for operation in the continuous casting process without further heating up.

The advantages of dry-vibratable mixes are clear:

  • no water required for lining
  • metallurgical purity
  • short heating-up phase
  • high tundish availability
  • high flexibility with a cold application
  • no processing machinery, no parts wearing
  • the break-off can be re-used as a recycled raw material

Together with its technology partner Sievering, Weerulin provides several decades of experience in the development and application of dry lining mixes. With more than 200.000 tons of dry-vibratable mixes produced for our customers' use this is a worldwide market leader in dry mix technology.