WEERULIN’s produces in Germany and Brazil: unshaped refractory mixes are produced in our fully automatic mixing unit in Mülheim an der Ruhr; since 2015 shaped refractory products in our assembly parts plant. Our subsidiary WEERULIN do Brazil produces monolithic refractories and shapes in three plants in São Paolo.

Refractory Mixes

Flexibility is our strength. State-of-the-art, fully automatic production equipment enables us to immediately react to any whatever supply bottleneck our customers may face. Any of our standard products can be produced and delivered within 24 hours. The mixing plant for unshaped refractory mixes has a capacity of 60,000 tons per annum. In our 24 storage silos, we always maintain a level of 1,000 tons of essential raw materials – such as magnesite, bauxite, olvine, – in all key grain sizes. For each mix, all the components are controlled by computer-controlled, moving scales, accurately following the instructions from the ingredient database. The site has a magnesitic and a bauxitic production line, thus ensuring optimum separation of basic and aluminium-based products. We pack and dispatch our refractory mixes according to customer’s demands in Big Bags, silos or sacks.

Shaped Refractories

In our 2015 established preshape plant, WEERULIN produces refractory components of any size – varying from impact pads for the tundish up to five ton heavy delta piece section. Manufacturing of both moulds and steel constructions, take place in an integrated steel construction operation. WEERULIN assembly parts are manufactured using exclusively top quality refractory castables from our own production.