Power Drum®

Flow control in the tundish is key to 'clean steel'. Development focuses on the optimization of flow conditions by means of tundish furniture mainly in the form of impact pots.

In common with many refractory suppliers, development at WEERULIN has been focused on flow control and splash reduction in continuous casting. This hard work has resulted in a technical innovation: The WEERULIN PowerDrum.

The WEERULIN PowerDrum is technically unique because it combines both tasks of the tundish in a perfect manner: splash reduction to a minimum O2 take-up in the runner phase and calming the bath surface under continuous flow conditions in the stationary casting phase.

The WEERULIN PowerDrum achieves ideal splash protection with its totally unique, patented drum principle, which uses a metal membrane to prevent uncontrolled splashing of the steel blast during the runner phase.

Functions of the Power Drum®:

  • Splash protection
  • Flow control