There are many names for the last component in the liquid phase: manifold or distributor, tundish, channel. Whatever you may call the last aggregate - it is always a great challenge from a refractory point of view. The steel grade is almost finished at this stage. The task now is to maintain it or to even give it 'a final cut'. An increasing number of metallurgists use the tundish as metallurgical instrument for tertiary metallurgy!

WEERULIN offers perfect refractory concepts for the highly sensitive area of the steel tundish. Approximately 20 million tons of steel p.a. are produced with steel tundishes lined with WEERULIN products. This makes us one of Europe's leading refractory companies in the sector.

Our delivery range begins with the monolithic permanent lining. For the wear lining, we offer all lining concepts, such as wet gunning or dry-vibratable-technology. Specialized products including metallurgical slags or runner systems complete with our fill-line program for the tundish:

  • Permanent lining
  • Wear lining
  • Cover slags
  • PowerDrum®
  • Dams and weirs