Machinery and Robots

The quality of machinery for lining refractories is extremely important. For this reason, WEERULIN only works with renowned machinery producers. Our machinery comprises of gunning machines, high pressure vessel and rotor machines, hydraulic pressure plants and concrete pumps.

WEERULIN develops manipulator and robot concepts for steel plants in close cooperation with a leading manufacturer of robots. This is the company that developed the first large-size manipulators for the European steel industry. Today, our partner company is among the worldwide leading producers of robots for lining refractories.

WEERULIN's robot systems are also recognised for having an attractive price/performance ratio.


The INGUN® system is a patented WEERULIN technology for inside gunning of vacuum snorkels. The heart of this system is the 360° INGUN® gun nozzle with its specially designed sprayhead providing completely even coverage of the maintenance mix throughout whole snorkel deep into the lower vessel.

The advantages of the INGUN® system are:


  • 20% increased lifetime
  • short maintenance intervals (1-2 min)
  • low rebound (max. 5%)
  • small investment

For more information please read our special brochure on RH-degasser including INGUN® technology