Inside Maintenance with INGUN®

The INGUN® system is a patented WEERULIN technology for inside gunning of vacuum snorkels.

The heart of this system is the 360° INGUN® gun nozzle with its sprayhead designed specifically to provide absolutely even distribution of the maintenance mix throughout the snorkel, deep into the lower vessel.

The advantages of the INGUN® system are:

  • 20% increased lifetime
  • short maintenance intervals (1-2 min)
  • low rebound (max. 5%)
  • small investment

Due to its compact design the INGUN® robot is ideal for installation on all common service platforms in steel plants. INGUN® offers measurable cost advantages at a low purchase price.

Our new generation of robot is equipped with many special features including an integrated heat-resistant camera, which enables you to look into the lower vessel. As hidden wearing can be detected and treated accordingly, this considerably reduces the danger of early downtime.


SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
Inside snorkelrepair mixFOR JET 2highly adhesive magnesitic inside gunning mix for INGUN® system
robotINGUN®patented 360° inside gunning robot
cameraINGUN® camheat resistant inside camera