Range of Products

WEERULIN’S Refractory products are used in every step of the production process: from the blast furnace to the steel tundish. Whatever the task, be it unshaped or shaped products – WEERULIN has the solution. Our refractory mixes are based on raw materials with highest refractoriness, such as magnesite, olivine or bauxite.


The product family

All WEERULIN products start with the prefix FOR®. This trademark is widely recognised in the steel industry. This prefix is followed by a unique product name that shows the raw material contained and the process for which it is designed.


FOR RALwet gunning mixes
FOR MAKmixes on magnesite
FOR RAMramming mixes
FOR PLASplastic mixes
FOR METmetallurgic slags
FOR FILback-fill mixes
FOR REXmixes on bauxite
FOR SPcastables
FOR ISOinsulating mixes