From 2000, WEERULIN has been the first full-line service contractor for a vacuum plant in Germany.

Full-line service means: we take over all refractory tasks related to the RH-degasser. This covers the supply of the assembled vacuum snorkels and their maintenance, the complete lining of the vessels (incl. refractory bricks) as well as purchasing, lining, break-out, logistics and comprehensive project management. This full-line service is charged according to specific cost rates per ton of processed vacuum steel.


The advantages of full-line service:

  • fix refractory costs for the plant operator
  • fix savings potential
  • full responsibility

WEERULIN works in accordance with the open-book philosophy:

This means that all cost invoices and analyses are always available to the customer.

SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
RH-Plantas a wholeFull-Line-Service totalComplete takeover of refractory service, charged in E/ton steel
in partsFull-Line-Service sectionalPartial takeover of refractory service (e.g.) 'ready-to-use' snorkel and maintenance, charged in E/ton steel