Cover products

Secondary metallurgical slags play a special part in the production of highly oxyde-pure steel grades ('super-clean-steel'): By selective slag control non-metallic segregations may be separated into the slag and be modified into harmless, formable inclusions by way of refining. In addition, the slag protects the steel bath from atmospheric gases (02, N2 and H2). ITS insulating properties enable the slag to reduce heat loss from the steel bath.

WEERULIN has long-standing experience in the field of artificial slags and cover powders. through extensive research WEERULIN has optimized the interaction between granulation characteristics, material grade and temperature in the FOR MET product range, so a maximum melting speed is achieved. External research proves that our mix achieves a higher melting speed than pre-fused products. The slag way requires a refractory with thermo-dynamic alumina pick-up potential, alumina pick-up and mineralogic properties of the FOR MET product range. FOR MET have been proven in industry, by our customers.

Our FOR MET products are designed precisely for the diverse secondary metallurgical applications:

  • Steel ladle - synthetic slag
  • tundish- reactive cover powder, insulating powder