BOF - Converter

The converter is the key component in the steel production process in an integrated steel plant. The productivity of a steel plant is dependent to a large extent on the availability and lifetime of the converter. High-quality brick linings in the converter combined with state-of-the-art gunning maintenance have led to a significant increase in lifespan.

One important factor in the selection of the best possible maintenance concept is the plant's individual production philosophy. WEERULIN offers products to meet any requirement, whether that is preventive gunning maintenance to reduce brick wear or local repairs in those problematic areas towards the end of the converter circle. Downtimes for repair of the converter outlet must be reduced to an absolute minimum in order to optimise production. Well-balanced gunning maintenance is the decisive factor in this respect. In addition, WEERULIN offers specialized products for tapping maintenance, brick backfilling and for repair of the hot bottom area.

WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the BOF cover:

  • Hot repair mixes
  • Creeping mixes
  • Backfilling mixes