Raw material basis

Both technical and economical factors define the basic raw material of the lining mix. The applicable products range from virgin magnesite up to olivine. But also domestic raw materials, such as alkaline dolomite, can be processed effectively for cheap lining mixes.

In fact, recycled raw materials may be used without any technical disadvantages and may even be economically favourable. Our technology partner Sievering has developed alumina-containing lining mixes for a number of special applications - e.g. for some specialized stainless steel producers - these have proved successful in testing.

So, there are almost no limits to the combinations possible in dry vib mixes. The recipe of the mix is determined by working closely with the customer, to ensure that maximum technical results are achieved at the lowest possible costs.

Raw material basis:

  • Jungfräulicher Magnesit
  • Recycelter Magnesit
  • Dolomit
  • Olivin
  • Korund / Bauxit



SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
Tundish wear liningdry-vibratableFOR SIERAL TRO 101purely magnesia-based, resin binder, C-reduced
Tundish wear liningdry-vibratableFOR SIERAL TRO Rrecycled magnesia-based, resin binder
Tundish wear liningdry-vibratableFOR SIERAL TRO DOdolomite-based, resin binder