Environment and References


One major advantage of the dry-vibratable mix technology is that the remaining material may be used 100% as a recycled material after the de-skulling. Possible applications include reuse as dry lining mix, slag conditioning, furnace blending (in the case of dolomite lining mixes). The organic phenolic resin binder is contained in the recycling raw material only to a minor extent as residual carbon.

When it comes to environmental soundness, the binder technology of pyrolysis products has been considerably improved in the recent years. Using hexa-free binder compositions has led to a substantial decrease in the odour emissions due to ammonia. Our binder systems are almost odourless and dust-free. Therefore, dry-vibratable mixes can be processed manually without a problem, while still taking into account the usual safety regulations.


Weerulin's technology partner Sievering was one of the pioneers in developing dry-vibratable technology - Sievering started to develop, apply and continuously optimize dry lining mixes in the early 1980s. With more than 200.000 to of produced dry-vibratable mixes the partnership is a market leader in this field. Weerulin and Sievering dry lining mixes are being used commercially or have proved successful in leading plants worldwide.