Two key items are required when lining with lining mixes: first, a template to keep a distance between the permanent lining and the wear lining surface and second, a heating station to cure the lining mix. A system combining a template with integrated heating unit works well.


The combi-template has two functions: It keeps the distance and provides the heating system. A perfected system of guide shields within the template body provides prompt and even heat distribution. If treated correctly, the template can last almost forever. It has no parts prone to wearing and needs next to no maintenance.

We welcome the opportunity to do the engineering work for a template technology designed individually for the continuous casting process. In the case of large tundishes the extent that steel expands when heated must be considered in the design - compensation heads provide the required balance. The template costs may also be financed via a take-off agreement, for example in €/ton of steel. Trials ought to run easily on temporary equipment.

The heating system

The final piece of required equipment is a heating station. This may be either integrated in the steel template or be fitted to a cover externally. The heating system works either with open flame or with hot air, as desired. The heating cycle depends on the size of the tundish and varies from 30 to 90 minutes. The template may be withdrawn after a cooling down phase of approximately 45 minutes, depending on the available cold air. Thereafter, the manifold is immediately available for continuous casting.

Advantages of the lining equipment:

  • low maintenance costs
  • no wear parts
  • unlimited lifetime