Splash protection

The splash protection provided by the patented drum principle of the PowerDrum is truly innovative. A thin metal sheet covers the refractory concrete pot. The metal cover is broken by the blast of steel. The blast is repelled from the bottom plate and loses its kinetic impact energy, thus becoming too weak to break the sheet anew upwards.

A sump develops, which behaves like a cushion, destroying the impact energy of the continuously flowing steel. The steel cover melts open after a short while, but the sump effect remains: the steel flows quietly and evenly over the edges of the rebound pots into the tundish.

'The PowerDrum Office test':

Put a flat, empty cup into a sink and let the water flow from above the cup in a strong jet. The jet of water will spurt uncontrolled up to a point where the water in the sink reaches the cup's edge. For the 'PowerDrum office test' cover the cup with a wet, permeable sheet of paper, that the water jet can penetrate. The cup will be filled to overflowing. Then pull the paper away. The water jet will be retarded by the cushion effect and the water will flow quietly and without splashing over the edge of the cup.