Delta Sections

Modern EAFs usually have a cast core piece in the cover. WEERULIN produces monolithic delta pieces for different furnace types using casting mixes, specially designed for an extremely long lifetime. We produce these delta sections in our assembly parts plant either tailored to customer's specifications or according to our own design and prepare them with special drying curves for direct application. We also supply the required casting mixes and offer supervision of the lining work on customer's site by our technical field service.

Runner Preshapes

Furnaces with classic runners require special repair solutions for this highly impacted area. In addition to providing specialized maintenance gunning mixes, WEERULIN also offers complete runners or components as assembly parts.



SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
EAF CovercastableFOR SP 5 D IIbauxite-based castable, thermal shock resistant
EAF CoverDelta pieceFOR SPKready-to-use, refractory, pos. with steel star
Runnerready-made-runnerFOR RKSready-to-use, dried, refractory