Hot Repair

The problematic areas in the EAF require high quality basic gunning mixes in different combinations of raw materials and binding systems. These range from the preventive maintenance with low cost olivine-containing gunning mixes up to highest quality mixes based on sintered magnesite.

We supply you with state-of-the-art machinery and technology with low maintenance and dust-reduced hydraulic pressure machines. Our gunning mixes can be processed easily using any common gunning and robot system. With bottom and slope maintenance, special dry pouring mixes for local repairs work well in practice and are simply poured from the Big Bag using a crane.

Furnace Slope

Partial wear of the slope is increasingly a problem in the life of many E-Furnaces. WEERULIN has developed maintenance mixes specifically for the slope. These pouring mixes used to repair of the hot furnace are emptied from big bags by crane or special equipment (dry spinning machine, lift truck, etc.).

The material provides a special binder system, which under the prevailing furnace temperatures immediately produces a new, steep slope without sliding down into the furnace. In case of new lining of the furnace these masses can be applied with a 'lost' template to set up a firm furnace wall.



SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
Wallgunning mixFOR MAK GTMgO gunning mix
Wallgunning mixFOR MAK GT 2MgO gunning based on seawater magnesite
Slopepouring mixFOR FIL PMgO pouring mix, binding under heat