The furnace lining plays a very important part in the safe running of the primary aggregate of the EAF. Both the high quality bricks for the wear lining and monolithic products have various applications:

Backfilling Mix

The area behind the wear lining bricks is usually filled using unshaped masses as intermediate and safety lining. This safety layer guarantees optimum protection against infiltrations and running behind. The binder system of our backfilling mixes are specially developed for this application and maintain its full stability and resistance up to the ceramic binding over a wide temperature range - from 100oC up to 1100oC.

Hearth Lining Mixes

For new furnace linings, WEERULIN offers hearth lining mixes individually designed to suit the way the EAF is run. These mixes are just as good for making repairs.



SectorTypeWEERULIN ProductCharacteristics
WallingBackfilling mixFOR FIL EAMdry backfilling mix with silicate binder system
WallingBackfilling mixFOR FIL EABbauxite version of FOR FIL EAM
HearthFettling mixFOR SOLEbasic ramming mix, optimised grain composition